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Quarterly Cleanings

We have have your covered with our quarterly grease trap cleaning services. At CDI Of Monroe we are experts in cleaning and maintaining grease traps large and small. We will pump your grease trap completely, clean all the of tank walls and bottom along with the inlets and outlets.

On-Demand Pump Outs

We offer on demand grease trap pump out services. We can normally respond the same day and have your grease trap pumped out within 30 minutes through out the entire florida keys. We happy to pump out grease traps big and small.

Enviromentally Friendly Grease Disposal

Ever wounder where your grease goes once its been pumped out? We take great care in the safe disposal of all grease we collect. We transport it to certified treatment facility where it is processed into reusable water and dirt for farmers. We can even provide you with a disposal ticket showing your grease was properly disposed of.

After Hours & Odd Hour Service

We happy to service your grease trap at a time that best meets your needs and does not interfere with your business or customers. We understand grease traps are dirty and there may be unpleasent odors during pump outs so we work to minimize this with our odd and after hours service.

Grease Trap Backups & Overflows

We understand that grease can back up from time to time from excess grease. We are experts at dealing with clogged or backed up grease traps. We can resolve the issue quickly and have you back online with minimal service interuption.

Affordable Emergency Services

Our 24/7 Fast Response Emergency grease trap services is cost effective and reliable, We are here for you when you need us the most

Expert Grease Trap Services

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Our restaurant & business grease trap cleaning service is affordable and easy.

Grease Traps in the keys should be cleaned every 60 to 90 days depending on the amout of grease that gets traped by the system. We manage over 110 grease traps big and small through out the keys and can tackle any grease trap job anytime. We are the most affordable grease trap company in the keys.

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Properly Managing your grease trap is key to keeping the keys eco systems Clean and free of debris, You can do your part by keeping your grease trap system clean and up to date.


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