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Complete Sludge Hauling Services


Sludge hauling and disposal from thick waste solids to slurries from key west to key largo

Digester Waste

Treatment Plant digester waste hauling and safe disposal of treated digester waste from key west to key largo


Sewage waste hauling and pumping services from key west to key largo availiable 24/7 356

Gray Water and Restroom Trailers

We offer quick and simple pumping of grat water tanks and restroom trailers keys wide

Custom Pumping Services

We offer custom by the gallon pumping services for most types of treatable waste water

24/7 Sludge Hauling Services From Key West to Key Largo

Affordable and Fast, Large Capacity Sludge Hauling up to 7000 Gallons Per Load

Available Through out the Keys

Sludge Services From CDI of Monroe

Do you have a job requiring a pump truck?

CDI has Sludge Hauling service that fits your needs from 2500 Gallons to 7000 Gallons Per Load available from Key West to Key Largo

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