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CDI Of Monroe Vac-Truck Services


Hydro-Excavation and Soft Digging services are underground utility safe and affordable solutions for digging in or around sensitive areas though out the keys.


Flood and Water Mass Mitigation services for moving and clearing large amounts of fluids like water.


VacTruck Pot Holing services from 12in to 35in wide and 15ft deep

Well Cleaning and Jetting

Custom well cleaning and jetting services of almost any depth we can handle it

Utility Line Location

Our dig free utility line location service offers a fast safe way to locate and uncover buried power, gas, water and sewer lines

Dry Materials

Our Filtered Vac-Truck can move dry materials like ash and lye in safe effective maner and road hauling limit of 14 yards and 64,000lbs

Vac-Truck Services from Key West to Key Largo

The only Local Vac-Truck Serving the Flordia Keys

Affordable, Effective, Unique

Vac-Truck Services From CDI of Monroe

Do you have a Unique material handling job ?

At CDI Of Monroe our Specialized Vac-Truck service can tackle any job with our 8 Inch suction line at 16Hg an over 3000CFM of lifting force, Our 14 Yards of Debris Storge and 1500 Gallons of Fresh Water makes our Vac-Truck one of the most unique on the road

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