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Custom Fluid Solutions by CDI Of Monroe

Utility Management

We offer complete services management of city waste water utilites, Including complete force and vaccum main management to on-demand custom built to fit your needs

Disaster Services

Our waste water disaster services team is ready to respond at a momets notice. We have first hand experience with multiple form of disastery recovery and have the equipment and resourses to restore and recover waste water infastructure after a disaster event. From Assestments to Repairs and Emergency resources like generators and portable pump systems ready to respond

Fire Services

We can rapid deploy our equipment for use as water tankers during major fire events. We are able to respond in force with multiple 7000 and 5000 gallon tankers

Auto Accident Cleanup

We offer custom accident cleanup services, From the collection of spilled fluids to the recovery of fire fighting foam and water we can handle it

Ocean & Land Spills

We have the equipment to rapidly respond to oil spills, Ocean spill events of all kinds with rapid recovery and collection of debris

Last Mile Fluid Hauling & Transfer Solutions

We offer cost effective last mile waste fluid hauling and disposal, Along with transfer and dump services to waste and septic companys through out the keys. Let us haul your waste to the treatment plant for you!

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Custom Fluid Solutions From CDI of Monroe

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CDI has Custom Solutions to fits your needs from 2500 Gallons to 7000 Gallons Per Load available from Key West to Key Largo

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