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Flooded Parking Lots or Drive Ways ?

Our Storm Drainage Cleaning services are immediate and instantly effective, when it comes to fixing flooded parking lots and areas. Strom drains are easily clogged by debris over time and become less and less effective at removing standing water. Our Expert Strom Water Drainage Cleaning Service is affordable and is visually effective after each cleaning and will last for up to a year depending on the number of debris entering the drain over time. Also, a fun fact all storm drains in the keys do not drain directly to the ocean but are naturally filtered by coral rock and pressure

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Storm Water Drain Cleaning from Key West to Key Largo

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If you are tried of flooded parking lots or roadways call, CDI today for a free strom drain Cleaning estimate. Even if you drain are below a flood zone they are still effective once properly cleaned and jetted, Our storm drain cleaning service is fast and affordable.

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