Servicing All The Keys Lift Station Needs

Lift Station Service, Maintenance & Parts

Lift Station Inspections

Our affordable monthly lift station inspection service is the key to healthy worry-free lift stations. Every Month we completely inspect every component on your lift station to confirm its in 100% working order. We fully Inspect all Pumps, Floats, Basin and Panel for any issues and email you a electronic report every month. The key so success is to be Pro-Active not Reactive when it comes to lift stations

Lift Station Maintenance

Great maintenance is always the key when it comes to problem prevention. Most lift station problem occur due to improper maintenance. Our complete lift station maintenance service assures your lift station is maintained effortlessly. We have over 20 years of experience with all kinds of systems found though out the keys. We can quicky and cost-effectively identify possible issues and correct them before they become a problem

Lift Station Cleanings

Lift Station cleanings play a big part in the overall health of a lift station. Debris, Rags, Wipes and Household products cumulate over time and cause major systems like pumps and floats to fail. Our lift station cleaning service removes all heavy debris and sludge from your system to keep it in happy working order

Lift Station Parts, Pumps & Panels

We locally carry a complete stock of HCP, E-One and Ashland Pumps in various HP ratings. Along with a huge amount of panel components like, breakers, contactors, thermals, relays and floats. Our service trucks stock these at all times saving you down time by being prepared

CDI Of Monroe

Ready to Respond

We know the many challenges local keys business face, Our goal is to make managing your lift station an easy and affordable. That is worry free and smooth running. We are on call standing by to tackle any job or problem when it comes to lift stations though out the keys from key west to key largo CDI of Monroe has your back.
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Is Your Lift Station Alarm and Light On?

24/7 Local Emergency Service

Is your Lift Station overflowing and the alarm or light is on? Not sure what to do? Call CDI today any time day or night. We understand emergences happen and are here to help get you back online and running as fast and affordable as possible
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We are Experts With

Smart Lift Stations

We are the experts when it comes to smart lift stations otherwise known as a PLC Contollers or A Computerized Station Controller. Our expert service technicians are fully trained to service these complex lift stations. CDIs technicians are equipped with field computers with all the the correct software required to interface with almost all smart station panels and have the knowledge to correct any problems.
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